One of the goals of Making Seasons Bright is to make people happy and to  bring joy to others 

Every month MSB will feature a "Random Act of Kindness." 

This Random Act of Kindness will be an item or activity  that is designed to make people happy. 

MSB can smile because we make the magic happen!!! The best part of our business! 

August 28th, MSB will be hosting a Fundraiser August 28th  in support of Cameron Levier Memorial Endowment Fund in partnership with CHEO.

Abbey Lane Magic will be onsite from 100- 130 pm to host a magic show

Nikki Grills Photography will be taking professional pictures

Blackbay Crystals will have their beautiful collection of crystals and will discuss the healing  power of crystal baths.

This is a free event, but we will be happy to take  a donation for Cameron Levier Memorial Endowment Fund;  this Fund supports families who cannot afford to get to other locations for trials or treatment as well as for trials or treatment and hard tumor research at CHEO.


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