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Ottawa Valley Roast House Coffee -Decaf, Constellations

Ottawa Valley Roast House Coffee -Decaf, Constellations

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A smooth decaf blend for the serious coffee lovers, encompassing notes of chocolate with a mellow finish.   This brew will bring you back to those warm summer nights, watching the constellations reveal themselves one sip at a time.

Fair Trade Organic – Swiss Water Process – Decaf

100% Arabica Coffee

340 gm

Whole Bean



Tasting Notes:

  • Body: Medium
  • Roast: Medium
  • Acidity: Smooth

Recommended Brew Methods:

  • French Press (Coarse Grind)
  • Drip Machine (Medium Grind)
  • Pour Over (Medium-Fine Grind)
  • Cold Brew (Coarse Grind)
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