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Selfie Stick/Tripod Bluetooth with LED light

Selfie Stick/Tripod Bluetooth with LED light

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Small and lightweight, foldable. Will fit in your purse or bag easily. 

  • Suitable for Android (4.4 and above) & IOS (5.1 and above) 65-92 mm
  • Takes pictures vertically or horizontally 
  • Material ABS, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Tiny remote control on selfie stick but can be detached when using tripod. No more timer required. Can be 10 feet away when taking picture.
  • Led light (different options)
  • Includes selfie stick/tripod and USB cable

New Year Resolution before pictures, you can take yourself!! Also, perfect for selfies, group photos  (nobody missing), adventure travel, blogging, YouTube videos, podcasts, Facebook Live, Zoom Meetings, Instagram, live streaming. It can also be used as a mobile phone stand. 




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