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Everywhere Still, A Book About Loss and Grief

Everywhere Still, A Book About Loss and Grief

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A Book about Loss, Grief, and the Way Love Continues

“I miss you and love you. I know I always will. And even though you aren’t here now, I feel you everywhere, still.”

When someone you care about isn’t here anymore, your love for them continues…

Everywhere, Still is a book for children about loss and being apart from someone important. Filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations of a little girl who is missing someone dear, each page of this lyrical book gives a child the words to express their feelings and affirms that every emotion they are experiencing is real and valid. Imagery of a bird throughout serves as a symbol of hope and healing and illustrates for children how we can send our love across any distance.

Share this soothing illustrated book with a child when…

  • A grandparent or loved one has passed
  • A parent is living or serving abroad
  • A dear friend has moved away
  • A pet is very much missed
FORMAT Hardcover
SIZE 9.25"W x 10.25"H
PAGE COUNT 40 pages
Great for children 5-11
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