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Valentine’s Day Paper Napkins, Funny Hearts by I HR

Valentine’s Day Paper Napkins, Funny Hearts by I HR

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IHR paper napkins are printed in Germany and the colors are amazing! Ihr paper napkins are responsibly sourced, ideal for parties or everyday use. 

Ideal Home Range offers a sustainable option for conscientious consumers, producing 100% biodegradable napkins using the safest tissues, inks and printing processes. IHR napkin tissue is 100% cellulose from cracked wood (fallen trees) and plantation wood (managed forests where trees are planted specifically for the production of paper materials) and all tissue is oxygen bleached without the use of chlorine.

IHR ink is water soluble, contains no heavy metals or solvents of any kind and meets the requirements of German Food and Health laws and the USFDA. Used ink is never dumped into sewage and is always recycled and reintegrated into the color system. The production working area is naturally pollution-free and no harmful emissions are produced.

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